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Elvex DeTune Electronic Communications Earmuffs allows the user to adjust the frequency range of the sound Elvex DeTune Com-640 Electronic Variable Attenuation Communications Ear Muffs offer a truly advanced solution for face to face communications challenges in a broad range of high noise industrial, avionics, military and other challenging environments. Similar to the Impulse Com-655, the DeTune Com-640 selectively amplifies the frequencies within which human speech occurs, while rejecting the lower and higher frequencies in a noisy environment. DeTune Com-640 goes a bit further, adding two frequency controls to the headset. The Com-640 has three controls. The volume control allows the user to increase the volume up to a maximum of 82 dB. The low frequency filter control allows the user to adjust the low frequency filter up to about 600 Hz and the high frequency filter can similarly be adjusted down to about 3000 Hz. By tweaking these two filters, the DeTune Com-640 can greatly improve the ability of the headset to pull up the sound of voices, even when occurring in very loud environments, and without compromising the users own protection. DeTune Com-640 also contains an Impulse noise suppression circuit which is activated when very high noise spikes occur, compressing the dangerously loud sounds so that the user hears the sound, but at a safe maximum 82dB volume level. Both the low and high frequency filters can be deactivated, and the DeTune Com-640 then provides amplification of all frequencies heard up to a maximum of 82 dB, and compresses all dangerously loud sounds down to a maximum of 82 dB. Without the low and high frequency filters activated, DeTune Com-640 operates just like most shooters electronic ear muffs and can be used for that purpose in addition to facilitating face to face communications in noisy environments. DeTune Com-640 includes a standard 3.5mm input jack so the user can listen to a two-way radio (listen only.) The sound from the external device is heard along with the internal amplified sound from the environment. NOTE: If your environment produces dangerous noise levels below 400 Hz we recommend that you consider an active noise canceling solution instead of the DeTune Com-640. Com-640 DeTune headset, 29-36 dB NRS to ANSI S12.6.-2008
  • 29-36 NRS noise protection level
  • Frequency-adjustable, sound compression amplifier boosts voices while suppressing dangerously loud sounds so you hear everything at a comfortable, crystal clear, safe volume level.
  • Dangerous level impulse noises are compressed to a maximum safe volume level of 82 dB.
  • Two external microphones provide accurate stereophonic directional listening
  • Internal gain is limited to 82 dB, for safe listening for extended periods
  • 3.5mm standard stereo input jack lets you connect to a radio (listen only.) The input signal is heard along with the ambient sound from the internal amplifier (cable not included.)
  • Padded Headband
  • Comfortable replaceable ear pads
  • Power is via two AAA batteries (included)
  • Battery life is up to 175 hours, depending on volume settings.
  • Auto turn-off after 4 hours to conserve power during non-use

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