Warranty & Return Procedure

CanCom Sales Inc. continues to pride itself on producing and distributing great quality equipment. Our past experience has given us the confidence to offer up to a 60 month (5 year) warranty period for all of the products in our range depending on the specific product or manufacturer.

It is imperative that a faulty product be returned to us for inspection of the fault. This enables our Engineering and Technical team to redesign and/or identify any faults that may be apparent with raw materials.

CanCom Sales Inc. makes the following warranty to purchasers of our products who buy direct from us and from our authorized distributors. CanCom warrants that for a period of 6‐60* months from the date of purchase, its products will meet the nominal performance criteria and will be free from defects in material and workmanship. If a warranty claim is properly submitted, we will inspect the product at our facility and will repair or replace, at our option, if the product is defective. This warranty is voided if any repair or replacement is made or attempted on any product by anyone other than authorized CanCom personnel without prior written consent, if the product has been altered by the customer, or if there has been any misuse or misapplication of the product, our only liability under its warranty is stated above.

CanCom makes no warranty (1) to anyone who purchases or acquires our product from any source other than CanCom or its authorized distributors, (2) to anyone who purchases, acquires or uses any other manufacturer’s product in which CanCom product is a component, (3) or any other manufacturer’s products as a component in any CanCom product. CanCom shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage caused by the non-conformance of any CanCom product with this warranty.

*Warranty Time Periods…
CanCom Pro Series Radio Accessories ‐ 3-5 years
CanCom Regular Series Radio Accessories – 1-3 years.
Safety Products ‐ 6-12 months.
LMR Batteries ‐ 12-24 months. Covered by the specific manufacturer warranty.
Radios ‐ Covered by manufacturer warranty.
Non CanCom Accessories – Covered by manufacturer warranty.
Radio Cases and Chest Packs – Covered by manufacturer warranty.

Call for other items not listed.

Return Procedure

To return product to CanCom, please follow the steps:

  1. Find the serial number on the product, the invoice number, or the date of purchase.
  2. Contact CanCom at 705‐326‐5677 (info@cancomsales.com) to obtain a “Return Goods Authorization” Form. This form must accompany returned goods. On the form please indicate the failure mode experienced. ie. intermittent transmit or receive, low audio, failed push‐to‐talk, etc.).
  3. Indicate that the goods are to be returned to the “Service Department” on the outside of the box and any paperwork shipping with the product.
  4. Ship the product (prepaid) to: CanCom Sales Inc., 3 Progress Drive, Unit 9, Orillia, ON L3V 0T7

Dealer Pre‐Testing of Equipment

We strongly recommend that all Dealers test customer product before returning to us. If our Quality Technicians are unable to duplicate or determine the stated failure mode, the product will be returned to the dealer and may be subject to service charges.

Warranty vs. Non‐Warranty

If the failure mode is determined to be a warranty issue (due to materials, workmanship or failure to meet printed specifications), the product will be repaired or replaced at no charge. If the failure mode is determined to be a non‐warranty issue, the parts will be returned to the customer along with a Failure Analysis Report. At CanCom’s discretion, minor rework may be performed after contact is made with the customer to ensure an understanding of how the failure occurred.

Repair Service

CanCom provides repair services for selected products. Contact us for further information. Several replacement part options are available which will allow your technician to repair your unit, avoiding the purchase of a new unit.