ConnecTunes Wireless Headset

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Wireless Headset “Pairing” to your smart phone.  Build in AM/FM tuner. ConnecTunes™ lets you connect wirelessly to your BlueTooth enabled smart phone for ultra-convenient, safe and comfortable two-way communications in noisy enviroments. In addition, ConnecTunes™ lets you listen to AM or stereo FM or play music from any music player with a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack, as well as from any BlueTooth enabled music player, so you can listen to music your way while remaining fully protected from surrounding noise up to 107 dB. The ConnecTunes™ features a noise canceling boom mic designed specifically for use in noisy environments. The boom mic lets callers hear your voice without all the ambient noise around you getting in the way. ConnecTunes™ is fully OSHA compliant with a built in volume limiter that prevents playing sound in your ears above a safe volume level, so users cannot inadvertently cause hearing damage by turning the volume up too high. ConnecTunes™ uses common AA batteries right out of the box, but if you prefer, you can replace the disposable batteries with NiMH AA size rechargeable batteries and get a USB micro B charging cable to recharge the headset, using the micro B port that is included on ConnecTunes™ Features:
  • Recharging USB Micro Port, Noise Cancellation Microphone, 3,5mm aux jack
  • Padded low pressure headband (also available in Hard-Hat-Mount Model)
  • SYNC to Cell Phones, MP3s and Endless Communication Applications.
  • Listen to your AM and FM Stereo that provides the highest quality reception and sound clarity.
  • Built-in microphone is noise cancelling and mounted on a flexible boom for superior, clear sound quality.
  • Pairing range of 10 ft. Range may be higher depending on environment.
  • Low force, fork-type stainless steel headband, provides consistent and lowest pressure to wearer’s head at all temperatures.
Headset Construction: Headband: PVC with Foam Padding for Cushion Ear Cups: ABS Volume Ring: ABS Dual Fork Suspension: Stainless Steel Foam Absorber: Polyurethane Ear cushion: PVC and Polyester

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