COMTIP “FIN” Fitted Eartip, Single Unit


Size-Side: Small-Left
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Fitted communication earpiece.  Reuseable, White - Single Unit. Single ear mould earpiece in translucent/clear.

Our most discreet earpiece. The FIN earpiece ensures a secure fit. The soft FIN fits easily inside the contours of the ear keeping it firmly in place even during evasive movements. The cone shape fits into the opening of the ear canal without penetrating the inside of the ear for superior comfort. This semi-translucent ear tip is comprised of Shore 25 Silicone making it one of the softest ear tips available. Installation: Insert the acoustic tube elbow into the outside connector hole of the ear mold earpiece. Insert the ear mold earpiece sound stem into the ear canal with the larger "teardrop" end of the earpiece upward. Fit the half-round section of the earpiee into the earfold (natural grove) surrounding the ear canal. It is very important to choose the size of your earmold correctly... the following options are available: SEC-FIN-SL, Small Left SEC-FIN-ML, Medium Left SEC-FIN-LL, Large Left SEC-FIN-SR, Small Right SEC-FIN-MR, Medium Right SEC-FIN-LR, Large Right 

SEC-FIN-SL Small Size, Left Side - Single Unit
SEC-FIN-SR Small Size, Right Side - Single Unit
SEC-FIN-ML Medium Size, Left Side - Single Unit
SEC-FIN-MR Medium Size, Right Side - Single Unit
SEC-FIN-LL Large Size, Left Side - Single Unit
SEC-FIN-LR Large Size, Right Side - Single Unit


Product Features:

  • Stays in place even with aggressive head movement
  • Comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time
  • Sounds are transmitted clearly while at the same time the ear canal is open
  • Available for left or right ear and in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Compatible and fits great with all different manufacturers acoustic tube elbows

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