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Two-way Headset, Behind-the-head


“Pro Series” Comfort “HP” HS22 Lightweight Noise Cancelling Headset

The new HS22 Headset from CanCom offers the user Noise Cancellation in a lightweight, comfortable frame. The behind-the-head band is adjustable to allow a perfect fit regardless of head size. The ear-tips provide 24-48 dB of noise reduction with a mechanical on-off switch should you require ambient sound at times. The boom microphone is premium noise cancelling for clear transmission even in the highest of noise levels. DUAL KNOWLES speaker configuration on braided fibre cloth cord provide superior sound, comfort and durability. The in-line hardwired Push-to-talk has a 2.5mm jack for an optional remote PTT. Adaptable to all makes and models of two-way radio.

NOTE: HS22 Headset must be used with the HIR6 (Hirose) adapter specific to your radio.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 3 in