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Invisio Headset, M4


The ultimate customized headset for use in extreme environments.

INVISIO M4 is the ultimate headset for fit, comfort and ease of use. Made to fit the ear of the individual user and manufactured from an actual impression of the user’s ear. The customized ergonomic design increases comfort and the duration of time the headset can be used for.

Noise Elimination System

INVISIO M4 utilizes the patented Bone Conduction Microphone. It has no external microphone and captures vibrations in the user’s jawbone converting them to crisp and clear sound. No external ambient noise around the user is picked up. As a result, the headset can be used in any combat situation with no interference commonly found when communicating in these environments.


M4 Headset

Colors: Desert Tan
Configuration: Left or Right
Weight: Custom
Dimensions: Custom
Wearing Style: In-ear Custom Mold

Cable & Connector
Colors: Desert Tan
Length: 910mm and 1200 mm (with coil)
Coil: 20 mm coil that extends to 220 mm
Pull Strength: 20 kg
Connector: per request

Type: Balanced Armature Receiver
Maximum Peak Output: 118dB
Frequency Range: 200 – 6 kHz
THD: less than 1%

  • Customized for unparalleled prolonged comfort, fit and speed of insertion
  • Ultra low profile and discrete design
  • Total noise elimination system for crystal clear communication
  • Compatible with helmets, gas masks, hazmat suits or circumaural headsets

NOTE: For use with INVISIO M-SERIES radio interface adapters… M15, M30, X50.

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Part#: H-M4-3-L2210-00

Description: M4,Custom Fit, Left Ear, Desert Tan Earpiece/Cable, 910MM cable, 3.5mm plug

Part#: H-M4-3-R2210-00

Description: M4,Custom Fit, Right Ear, Desert Tan Earpiece/Cable, 910MM cable, 3.5mm plug

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in