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Invisio Headset, M3h


INVISIO M3 “Ear Protection” Tactical Earpiece, Black

The ultimate in-ear tactical headset for high noise and extreme environments.

INVISIO® M3 utilizes the patented Bone Conduction Microphone. It has no external microphone and captures vibrations in the user’s jawbone converting them to crisp and clear sound. No external ambient noise around the user is picked up. As a result, the headset can be used in extreme situations with no interference commonly found when communicating in these environments.

INVISIO® M3 offers unsurpassed performance, comfort and fit for professional users. Utilizing a form factor that has been researched and designed over the last decade, the patented Soft Spring™ adapts perfectly to the contours of the ear offering maximum comfort as well as a secure fit. The Soft Spring™ can be easily adjusted in length to perfectly fit the contours of any ear. This allows compatibility with helmets, eyewear, gas masks or circumaural headsets. INVISIO® M3 is the ultimate tactical headset.

  • 29dB NRR single sided Hearing Protection (one ear)
  • 3 sizes of Canal™ Comply Tip foam plugs for optimal fit and performance
  • Vibration sensing Bone Conduction Microphone for clear speech and total elimination of ambient noise
  • Unique whisper functionality
  • High performance balanced armature loudspeaker with low distortion
  • Soft Spring™ allows in-ear wearing style for discreet and secure fit
  • Ultra light and small, weighing less than 5 grams and measuring only 1.3 x 2.4 cm
  • Kevlar® reinforced silver plated alloy cable with Teflon® insulation and a pull strength of over 20kg
  • Ergonomic Cable Retainer securing cable behind the ear
  • Precision made ABS polymer sealed housing for use in extreme environments.
  • Available in Left or Right versions.

NOTE: For use with INVISIO M-SERIES radio interface adapters… M15, M30, X50.

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Part#: H-M3h-3-LN1110-00

Description: M3h, Ear Protection, Black Earpiece/Cable, Left Ear, 910MM, 3.5mm plug

Part#: H-M3h-3-RN1110-00

Description: M3h, Ear Protection, Black Earpiece/Cable, Right Ear, 910MM, 3.5mm plug



Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in