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Guide Receiver Headset


Guide Communication System, Receiver Unit.

Clear person-to-person and group communication in high-noise areas — best performing, most affordable system on market.

All-in-one wireless system applications Perfect for two-way communications between work teams and for plant troubleshooting.

VIP factory tour and training applications. Transceiver (COM-690) broadcasts to the COM-691 receivers and offers 3 channels to deliver high, interference-free sound quality with 75-100 foot range.

Two person work team applications 2 transceivers provide two-way communication with interference-free sound quality.

Transceiver’s built-in microphone is noise-canceling and voice-activated; hand-held microphone (COM-699) also available. Tour group leader can speak while sharing optional microphone for questions from tour group.

Padded headband with low pressure, soft ear cushions. Provides high level of comfort for long periods. Low force, fork-type stainless steel headband. Provides the lowest and most consistent pressure on the wearer’s head at all temperatures.

  • Transceiver battery life: 4-10 hours; receiver: 40 hours; hand-held microphone 4-10 hours
  • Low battery alert LED light Flash when batteries. Have approximately 20 minutes of life remaining.
  • 25 NRR (ANSI), Protection Level: 99—109 dB
  • units use and include two AA batteries
  • Also available in cap mount version
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 8 in