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Endura Single Unit Charger


EC1 Single Unit Desktop Charger, includes charging pod.

Endura EC1 Features a compact footprint and ideal for desktop use. For added flexibility in placement, charger may be positioned to view from the front or side. Includes charging pod, AC to DC power supply, and user manual.

Smart Charging Solutions For Two-Way Radio Batteries
EC1 • EC1M • EC6M are all Single Pod Chargers

Product Features
– All models charge Li-Ion, LiPo, NiMH, or NiCd batteries based on pod selected.
– Advanced charging technology prevents overcharging, while providing automatic recharging when a radio remains powered on.
– Provides cold and hot battery monitoring and other important battery advisements (see Status LED Information on back)
– Replaceable charging pod allows EC chargers to be updated for future use with other radios.
– Charges battery with or without the radio
– Status LED confirms charging in progress, charging 80% complete, and fully charged

Charging Pods For EC Chargers
Endura EC chargers utilize many different pods in order to charge hundreds of different two-way radios. The charging pods are replaceable, allowing the EC charger to be updated for future use with other radios. Most of the charging pods are compatible with EC1, EC1M, or EC6M. However, a few pods require an EC charger that is slightly different and those models are EC1- V2, EC1M-V2, and EC6M-V2.

NOTE: In order to complete your order we will need to insert the proper pods for your radio. 

For a complete listing of pods available and the compatible EC charger click here…
LINK: EC Charger Pod Details

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in