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white comtip air ear tips x50
Comtip air white

COMTIP “AIR” Eartip, 50 pack


Ear tip with Internal “Air” chamber, Reusable, White, Regular size – Bag of 50

Let your ear breath with CanCom’s patented COMTIP “AIR” earpiece.  Compatible for use with all acoustic tube style surveillance and listen-only kits.

Mushroom shaped and similar in size to our regular “BUD” earpieces this tip is unique in design and function.  The patented air chamber to the ear allows users ears to breathe and ambient sounds to be clearly heard.

No more suffocation, No more Isolation!

White/Clear in colour. This Pack contains a quantity of 50 ear tips.

  • Allows for additional comfort as ear can “breathe”
  • Hear ambient sounds, making outside communications clearer
  • Fits on all manufacturers acoustic tube elbows
  • Personal ear tips allow users to share accessory

Bulk Package also available:
SEC-AT-100, COMTIP “AIR” Communication ear tip, Internal “Air” chamber, Reusable, White, Regular size – Bag of 100

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in